Disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing major waves in the industrial sector, enabling organizations to directly access plant, manufacturing, and remote industrial-device data. Industrial organizations and system integrators are starting to realize the huge benefits of IoT and have coined their own term for it: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

As more organizations move to implement the IIoT, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) are converging. With the great need to leverage IIoT to make industrial data more accessible on every level, it is important to understand why this OT-IT convergence is taking place. In the past, OT and IT have been treated as two distinct domains with different areas of expertise and different approaches to problem-solving. Now it is urgent for the two sides to work together in order to start bringing the IoT to the industrial level.

In this white paper, learn about how combining the best of OT and IT can enable industrial organizations to easily collect data from anywhere in the world and share it with the enterprise level.

Keep reading to find out:

• How major companies are investing billions of dollars to connect and share industrial data
• What are some of the causes of the division between OT and IT?
• What are the challenges of aligning OT and IT, and how can they be overcome?
• The major benefits that result from OT-IT alignment
• Why the ground-up approach, not the top-down approach, is the best way to establish IIoT
• Why knowledge of SCADA systems is critical to implementing IIoT
• How IIoT technologies such as MQTT are making remote data connectivity easy
• How Ignition combines the best of OT and IT to offer the optimal IIoT solution

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IIoT: Combining the Best of OT and IT
Why Industrial Organizations Need to Bridge the Gap