Making Your Old SCADA
System New Again
Pros & Cons of Switching to New SCADA Software
Is upgrading your SCADA system worth it? If your company uses SCADA software, a time will come when your system becomes outdated and you'll be faced with expensive licensing fees to update it.
When it comes time to update, it’s a prime opportunity to consider switching over to new software that offers improved functionality instead of dumping more money into just keeping your existing software up-to-date.
Either way, you’re going to be spending a good amount of money. So the question is, which is the better investment?
In this white paper, you'll learn the following:
  1. Calculate the cost of bringing your current software up to speed
  2. Determine the ROI of switching to a new, modern software to gain better functionality
  3. How to save time and money if you choose to convert to a better software

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