Have you ever been trapped in 'development hell'? If you’ve been involved in developing software applications, you can probably relate to the feeling. Modern technologies offer many promising possibilities for your enterprise, but the actual process of development can feel endless and painful, especially for control engineers or other professionals who may not have extensive training in software development.

One thing that traditional SCADA software does well is make development relatively simple for non-programmers. Most SCADA designers have rapid application development (RAD) capabilities that allow you to design in a visual and intuitive manner. Unfortunately, old SCADA is too limited to be an effective development solution across the enterprise. Its pay-by-the-tag licensing, convoluted deployment models, and outdated technology make it untenable for many organizations.

What many enterprises have yet to discover is that there is a new SCADA solution that removes those limitations and provides the ability to develop applications for the plant floor and every other part of the enterprise. By combining SCADA’s drag-and-drop design capabilities with the licensing and deployment of IT, many of the barriers to innovative development can be overcome.

In this white paper, learn about the development platform that goes beyond SCADA and gives enterprises in any industry the freedom to develop practically any type of industrial software application.

Keep reading to find out:
• How RAD tools reduce the time and effort required to create dynamic projects for SCADA and other automation needs
• What makes the Ignition Designer different from any other SCADA designer you’ve worked with
• Why modular SCADA architecture makes expansion simple and affordable rather than impractical and expensive.
• How The New SCADA helps you integrate data seamlessly from the plant floor to the ERP system
• Examples of the non-SCADA projects you can build
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Four Ways Ignition SCADA
Speeds Development
How The New SCADA Helps You Build More in Less Time