The increasing demand to connect to more data has illuminated a growing divide between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). The most effective way to connect data throughout an organization is to combine the best of OT and IT, which presents many benefits as well as challenges. Industrial organizations are depending heavily on control system integrators to navigate the turbulent seas of the OT-IT convergence.

In order to better equip integrators to handle the changing technological demands, we surveyed a pool of over 9,000 integrators to collect their perspectives on the most important trends shaping the industry.

Based on integrators’ responses, this white paper examines the current challenges and the new disruptive technologies that are setting the stage for the evolution of the system integration profession.

In this white paper, you’ll learn the following:

• The major technological challenges that control system integrators face
• How the IIoT and MQTT are advancing the convergence of OT and IT
• The logistical hurdles integrators must negotiate to complete their projects
• How data management technologies such as SQL databases are revolutionizing data acquisition
• How virtualization and Cloud solutions help provide platform agility
• Why mobile devices are changing the landscape of connectivity
• How improvements in security technology are allowing organizations to truly share data on a global level

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Evolution of the Control System Integrator
The Present and Future of the Industrial Controls Industry